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3 Common Metal Roofing Installation Mistakes

Metal roofing for residential properties is quickly becoming the newest trend. Its fashionable, affordable, and gives you endless roofing possibilities. Roofing professionals makes metal roofing look so easy to install, that people are attempting to do it themselves. While it looks like a simple process, when there are mistakes made, it can greatly impact the life and quality of your roof. Here are the 3 most common residential metal roofing installation mistakes.

1. Lapping Panels Incorrectly

Metal roofing comes in large sheets, or panels for easy installation. When you are placing the panel on the roof, make sure to lap the panels together correctly. Always put the larger lip down first. When you are finished, there should be the shorter short lip showing.

2. Incorrect Fastenings

Always use screws, not nails with metal roofing. Prior to installing your screws, do a quick maintenance check on your nut driver. This will prevent you from doing a large part of your installation then realize your screws are not setting right. Check the washer to ensure that the screws are not under or over tightened. If the washer is splayed out and visible, then the screw is too tight.

3. Too Much Sealant

While caulk has a multitude of home repair uses, it isn’t something you need a lot of on your roof. Don’t try to fix misalignments or mistakes with sealant. Sealant should be a compliment to the placement of your panels, not the only thing holding them together. Make sure to use the sealant on the under side of the panels, shielding them from the elements. If the sealant is too exposed, it will disintegrate over time leading to leaks.

Avoid the common mistakes of self-installation, contact Paradigm Roofing at 972-542-7774. We would be happy to install a beautiful metal roof on your residential property.