Paradigm Roofing has been a commercial roofing contractor for nearly two decades, and we are specialized in quality installation and maintenance of modified bitumen. As a certified contractor, we not only deliver high quality work but back it up with not only a material warranty up to 30 years but also a 5-year labor warranty.

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Modified Bitumen, also known as “Mod-bit,” which is an asphalt-based roofing system, has proven to be a solid choice for commercial and industrial properties. It can also be an application for residential clients who might have a roof that has both steep and low sloped features, requiring mod-bit to give continuity to the look and feel. We at Paradigm Roofing have experience applying mod-bit to both commercial and residential properties in all of its varying installation methods–self-adhesive, heat welded, or cold adhesive. Typically, commercial property owners choose modified bitumen roofing because of its durability, low-maintenance requirements, and cost-effectiveness. As long as it’s not applied in areas with heavy foot traffic, a mod-bit roof, which is made of asphalt, can last for 10-20 years.