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McKinney residents are not strangers to severe weather. From thunderstorms and lightning to extreme heat and winter weather, all will put strain on your roof. If you fail to maintain your roof with the help of a roofer in McKinney, you may find it is no longer able to stand up to the elements. This can leave your home exposed to all types of damage and serious repair costs down the road. Paradigm Roofing offers trained and experienced McKinney roofers to come to your property, evaluate your roof, and make any necessary repairs. This will help your roof continue to stand up to what Mother Nature throws its way.


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Residential Roofer

In prepping your home for those storms, and in planning for any emergency really, make sure you have the right residential roofer for the job. The roofer you choose should be local; it should be someone who recognizes that Texas weather can be sporadic and unpredictable. The roofing team should understand that residential roofing jobs require both this need for durability but also should satisfy the customer’s desired look. Our McKinney residential roofing team does both of these – installs a quality product that meets the customer’s needs – every single time on every single home. There should be no compromising here.

Composition Roofs

Composition roofs are a standard go-to for a lot of residential customers. This look, often known as shingles or even architectural shingles, is an inexpensive way to both protect your home and get the desired look you want. You can choose a pattern that goes with the architecture of your home, be it classic or modern, and you can even select shingles that are made to look like tile or wood. The options for this material are wide and varied. The customer has an enormous amount of choices when it comes to installation of a composite roof.

Tile & Slate Roofs

Tile and slate roofs are often the choice of customers who want a sturdy roof and they’re willing to pay the price tag for it. That’s not to say there’s anything negative with going with a composite roof – as those are still energy efficient and won’t break the bank – but a tile and slate roof is extremely durable. With it though, the installation process may take a little longer as a roof needs to be reinforced before the tile and slate are installed. The fact of the matter is, tile and slate are heavier than some of the other products on the market. This is something that customers need to take into consideration before making the purchase.

Commercial Roofer McKinney, TX

Our team installs residential roofs yes, but we also are commercial roofers. We install new roofs daily on businesses and commercial properties, whether that is for an aesthetic change or for an emergency repair. We treat our commercial jobs similar to our residential ones. We understand that a business is an investment, it has a lot of value to its owner, so we don’t treat it differently than we would a home’s roof. We recognize that our responsibility is to install the best quality roof possible no matter what.

TPO Roofs

TPO roofs are excellent on commercial properties, so we often suggest this to business owners. This is because TPO, short for thermoplastic polyolefin, serves as a sort of membrane. It acts to combat and reflect away sunlight and heat that hits it. In reflecting away heat, instead of that heat sinking inside the building, the utility bills are significantly lowered. Lots of business owners recognize pretty early on that the switch to a TPO roof has dramatically saved them money on cooling costs.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing, on both commercial and residential properties, is extremely energy efficient. In fact, there are actually a lot of advantages to metal roofs: they are lightweight, they’re durable, they’re fireproof, and extremely resistant to all kinds of weather. And on top of all this, there are endless options to choose from when it comes to picking a design. Metal roofing has come a long way since its beginnings, and we’ve seen it take a home’s curb appeal from bland to exciting. Consider this for either residential or commercial roofing.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs McKinney, TX

For commercial buildings in the area, standing seam metal roofing remains a popular choice. Business owners like yourself are noticing the clear benefits of standing seam roofing in McKinney, TX. For instance, you’ll enjoy energy efficiency, impact resistance, weather resistance, minimal maintenance, and extreme durability. With professional installation from Paradigm Roofing, your standing seam metal roof will withstand everything the Texas weather can throw your way.

During the installation process, our roofing experts utilize high-quality, tested roofing materials to get the job done right. We then test the material on-site to ensure everything is in working order and as efficient as possible.

Of course, standing seam is not just for commercial properties. Homeowners in the area are turning their attention to metal roofing, too. The affordable cost combined with the quality and durability make for a long-term investment. It’s a smart choice!

Preparing for Severe Weather and Emergencies

With all of that said, regarding roof materials, you might have a better idea of how you’d prepare for severe weather. The City of McKinney has created a number of guides to help residents prepare for all types of severe weather. The guides available on the Emergency Management website include:

These guides have been specifically designed for McKinney, Texas residents who want to ensure they are prepared and know what to do in every type of severe weather situation.

Being prepared can help to prevent injuries and severe damage to homes. It is also important to stay updated while the severe weather is present, which is why it is highly recommended that you purchase and use an NOAA Weather Radio. These radios are able to keep you connected with help and ensure you know what to do during severe weather and other emergencies.

Protecting Your Home during Severe Weather

While you need to make sure that you and your family will remain safe during severe weather, it is also important to make sure your home is protected. It is not time to prepare your home for severe weather when it is happening. Planning ahead will likely save you quite a bit of frustration and time.

  • Install storm shutters. Contact a company, such as Home Connections, to help you find quality storm shutters for your home or business.
  • Keep all trees well-maintained and trimmed.
  • Keep loose items, such as pool chairs, grills, lawn furniture and equipment, etc., put away when not in use.

While the wind, rain, and hail can cause damage to your home and roof, so can falling branches, lawn furniture, and décor-turned-projectiles. When you plan ahead, you can ensure that none of these potential hazards are present, helping you keep your home and roof as damage-free as possible.

Making Moves after the Storm

Regardless of the cause of the damage, being prepared to take action once the threat has passed is essential. This includes having the necessary tools on hand to handle small damages until the professional McKinney roofer can be called for assistance. Some supplies you should purchase ahead of time (based on your particular roofing material) include:

  • Tarps: Cover any holes or leaks
  • Metal caulk: Repair and reattach damaged flashing
  • Shingles: Replace ones that have flown off the roof

While these are typically temporary fixes, it is essential that they are done to prevent interior damage caused by the storm.

Some of the locations in McKinney, Texas where you can get the necessary tools and supplies include:

  • Lowe’s Home Improvement: 2055 N Central Expressway
  • Groom & Son Ace Hardware: 1700 W Virginia St
  • The Home Depot: 252 N Custer Road

The fact is that home and roof damage can occur due to a number of issues. From falling branches to blocked gutters, being prepared is essential. Finding a roofer in McKinney ahead of time will guarantee that when an issue does come up, you have someone to call.

Our professional team of trained McKinney roofers is ready to help you. Regardless of your need, no job is too big or too small. We can replace shingles, fix flashing, clean gutters, and even provide you with a complete roof replacement.

If you would like to set up an appointment with Paradigm Roofing professional roofers in McKinney, contact us at (972) 542-7774 today.