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Paradigm Roofing aims to be the most trusted roofer in the Austin area. We contract across the city, and we always aim to bring professional services, quality materials, and trustworthy consultation each and every time.

We are registered with the Texas Association of Builders. We’ve been locally owned for more than 30 years. Because we work in every aspect of roofing, our expert contractors have the know-how and experience to tackle any challenge that might arise. If it’s important to roofing, we know how to deal with it, and we can get you through the process.

Why Let Paradigm Repair Your Roof?

Our motto is to always build with quality, integrity, and service. When we’re working on your roof, we’re doing more than just giving you a shield from the elements — we’re protecting the people inside. Your family, your employees, or your customers are more important to you than any building could be. We understand what the roof is really covering, and we take it seriously.

Every time we work on a roof, we commit to protecting the integrity of the roof. We work to make strong, reliable, and beautiful roofs on every project.

Need a Roofer?

Paradigm Roofing offers free consultations and estimates for roofing projects in Austin. You can call us any time to schedule an appointment. We’ll take a look at your roof and siding and show you what needs to be done. We can help you choose materials and make a repair schedule that works with you. We’ll get the job done right. All you have to do is give us a call so that we can take care of the rest.

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