Built-Up Roofing Installer in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Paradigm Roofing has been a commercial roofing contractor for nearly two decades, and we are specialized in quality installation and maintenance of built-up roofing systems. As a certified contractor, we not only deliver high quality work but back it up with not only a material warranty up to 30 years but also a 5-year labor warranty.

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Built up roofing (BUR), which is also known as “Tar & Gravel Roofing” is a durable commercial roof construction option that we can install. These systems usually consist of light-colored material that assists in reflecting ultraviolet rays. While built-up roofing is incredibly durable and long-lasting, it still needs to be properly maintained and, occasionally, repaired. You can expect a well-maintained roof to last 20 to 30 years. On average, however, a roof’s life expectancy begins to fall at 20 years. This will certainly happen if your roof has not been professionally installed and maintained. This material often is one of the most affordable in the roofing business.