Choose the Best Wood for Your Roof

Wood remains one of the most popular types of roofing materials in the entire country. There’s something about wood that really catches the eye. Homeowners like yourself have noticed this elegant appearance. A wood roof speaks volumes. It says you’ve got class, an eye for aesthetic, and the foresight to consider property values, should you ever choose to sell the house. Which type of wood is best for your roof, though? There are so many to select from!

Cedar and teak wood roofing shingles are the two most common types. We’ll explore both in more detail!

Cedar Shingles

Cedar has earned a reputation for being strong, flexible, and weather resistant – qualities that make for an effective roofing shingle. Among roofing shingle manufacturers, cedar is the go-to material, all thanks to its durability. Here are a few reasons why you may wish to consider cedar wood shingles:

  • Cedar is budget-friendly
  • Cedar has a fine grain and uniform texture that makes installation a breeze
  • Cedar is resistant to humidity and temperature fluctuations
  • Cedar has a minimum lifespan of 30 years and a max of over 50 years
  • Cedar offers excellent insulation
  • Cedar has a pleasant aroma and wood finish

Teak Shingles

Teak, derived from the mint tree family, is native to Southeast Asia. In that region, teak is commonly used for furnishings, roofing, and boat decks. Here in the United States, teak has become a popular choice for wood roofing shingles for a number of reasons:

  • Teak offers incredible strength in extreme conditions
  • Teak is long-lasting and highly-resistant to weather conditions
  • Teak provides a unique experience
  • Teak is resistant to rot, fungi, and mildew

As you can clearly see, both cedar and teak wood roofing shingles provide extensive benefits to your home. Either one would make a wonderful choice!

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