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Three Reasons To Consider Synthetic Roof Tiles

It can be hard to settle on materials when choosing how to build your home. Factors such as cost and quality will inevitably come into play and often make decisions that much more complicated. Everything from choosing structural materials, to the roof of your home, are all things to consider when designing the overall look and feel of a place— and it’s important to make decisions that not only reflect your style but also your wallet. A recent solution that Texas homeowners are turning to is synthetic roof tiles, like those found with Brava Roof Tile.

There’s a myriad of reasons to choose synthetic over natural tile alternatives. For one, the relative cost and reliability of synthetic is a huge plus. There’s also the Eco-friendly benefits to consider. But what is synthetic roof tile and what makes it so great? Read on to find out more.

What Are Synthetic Tiles?

Synthetic roof tiles, also known as composite roof tiles, are tiles which are made to replicate the exact appearance of natural slate, shake, and Spanish tile alternatives, but which are made from 100% recycled materials. Because they’re made from recycled materials these tiles are much better for the environment, and also made of better-constructed material.

Why Synthetic Saves You Money

Choosing synthetic roof tiles over natural slate tiles or Spanish tiles will inevitably save you money for one simple reason: Composite roof tiles are much more durable than their natural alternatives. While a shake roof or a slate tile roof might last a few years before requiring repairs, composite roof tiles are backed by a 50-year warranty. This means you can install it once and forget about it.

synthetic stands the test of time

Synthetic Stands The Test of Time

Another way composite roof tiles will save you money is in their resistance to the elements. Roofs made from Spanish tile are often susceptible to water, wind, or other storm damage. These roofs are known to leak or even fly off in high winds. Part of the 50-year warranty included in synthetic roofing accounts for this, and the people ensuring that warranty expect their roofing to do just fine, even in storms. The composite material molds better to surface area
and weighs less, allowing it to perform better even in the most severe weather. Which brings us to the next point.

Synthetic is Lightweight

Because it’s so lightweight, synthetic tile roofing doesn’t require any structural changes to a home prior to installation. Many natural tiles weigh so much that extra teams and materials will need to be acquired during a build, which will ultimately delay completion and increase expenses. By choosing composite roof tile you can ensure your home is completed on-time and under budget. Another key point here is damage upon delivery. Because of the nature of the material, synthetic roof tiles are far more durable and guaranteed to arrive undamaged and as-pictured. The quality of these tiles really can’t be beat, especially considering the near impossibility of telling them apart from their natural alternatives— choosing synthetic is a no-brainier.

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