Brava Lite Synthetic Tile

Why Brava Tile Might Work For You

We love tile roofs. A tile roof is absolutely beautiful and is one of those design aspects of a building that has lasted through the ages. Not only does it add a nice, textured look to a building’s exterior, but it’s durable and tough. Tile roofs are straightforward to install and are more environmentally friendly when compared to other roofing materials.

While there is a lot to decide when installing a roof and there are many types of roofing materials, Brava synthetic tile is quickly becoming a popular option for home and business owners alike.

Brava synthetic tile is what is called a composite tile. Composite tiles are made of a mix of recycled materials and are molded to match a specific design element. Brava synthetic tile designs are typically Spanish clay and natural slate alternatives and they come in a variety of colors. These tiles are also much lighter which is great for alleviating any excess weight on a roof.

In addition, Brava synthetic tiles are fire-resistant, can stand up to the elements, and are considered a green roofing material. That means not only do they cut down on waste by using recycled materials, but they reflect UV light which saves significant air conditioning costs.

All in all, it’s a fantastic roof material option and Brava synthetic tile roofs also come with a 50-year warranty which is one of the top in the industry.

Brava Synthetic Tile in Collin County

At Paradigm Roofing we pride ourselves in being able to provide the best roofing materials on the market and are excited to highlight Brava synthetic tile.

Not only can we provide Brava synthetic tile materials for the residents and business owners of Collin County, Texas for their next roof project or build, but our contractors specialize in installation. We can also provide ongoing maintenance and repair services for the lifetime of a roof while supporting customers with warranty and insurance claims.

We have five locations serving McKinney, Dallas, Fort Worth, Georgetown, and San Antonio.

Brava Synthetic Tile FAQ

To learn more about Brava synthetic tile, the Brava manufacturer site has a helpful FAQ here.

There are three main styles of Brava synthetic tile and Paradigm Roofing offers all three designs:

Brava Cedar Shake

Brava Cedar Shake is a shingle tile design that is an alternative to natural, cedar wood shingles.

The shingles overlap and come in a variety of thicknesses to truly replicate a wooden look and feel. They come in a variety of colors ranging from weathered gray to natural wood to dark onyx allowing for a wide range of creativity in design.

You can find more information on Brava Cedar Shake from the manufacturer linked here.

Brava Old World Slate

Brava Old World Slate is another shingle tile design, but this one is an alternative to natural quarried slate rock.

Although these tiles are an inch thick, they are significantly lighter than a traditional slate tile. They also come in a variety of colors ranging from light grey and green to dark grey and shades of browns.

You can find more information on Brava Old World Slate from the manufacturer linked here.

Brava Spanish Barrel Tile

Brava Barrel Tile is the third design and this one is an alternative to the traditional Spanish roof.

The tiles can come in multiple single colors, blended colors, and even aged-looking designs. The design options range from simple terra cotta and black-brown blends to aged mission style reds and green.

You can find more information on Brava Barrel Tile from the manufacturer linked here.

Paradigm Roofing Tile Installation

If Brava synthetic tile sounds appealing, then you need professionals who can install it for you. Naturally, Paradigm Roofing is ready to provide that work. We offer installation services, and we’ll be happy to discuss all of your roofing options before you have to commit to anything.

Let our team help you with your roofing project and contact us to learn more about Brava Synthetic tile. We have a 24/7 service request line and you can also request a free quote.

We have over 30 years of roofing experience in Texas, so you can trust that we will not only provide the best roofing materials, but our install team is top-notch. Whether you have a residential or commercial roof we have you covered and providing you with the best customer service is our goal.